5 Ways to Keep Wine Cool This Summer

Wine with a balanced, earthy, and pleasant flavor is best enjoyed cool, especially in summer. To enjoy your wine at its very best, there are different ways of keeping it cool. Are you worried about how to keep your luxurious wine during the summer?

There are different ways of keeping your wine cool. Winecoolershop has the perfect luxury wine cooler that helps to keep the wine cool and ready to share and enjoy anytime during this summer season. There are different ways of keeping the wine cool which are:

1. Ice bucket 

The ice bucket is a way to keep your wine cool during the summer season. The ice bucket is the simple and easiest way to keep your wine cool. All that is needed is a small bucket and some ice cubes. In case there is no ice, very cold water can do to keep your wine for that moment.

2. Refrigerator or fridge 

The refrigerator is one of the best ways to keep your wine cool. This way helps to maintain the best temperature that is quite enjoyable. Refrigerating your wine makes it available at any time.

Although, depending on the kind of wine. White wine can be kept in the refrigerator, but the red wine should be refrigerated for just an hour or two ahead of the time you want to drink your wine.

Most times, it is advised that the best temperature to store red wine is 16oC or 18oC while for white wine, the ideal temperature is 10oC or 12oC.

3. Cooling Sleeves or Isothermal bag

A cooling sleeve is a material that is normally frozen that normally appears like a jacket around the bottle. But this method is best used only when your wine is cool; it helps maintain the wine’s temperature to avoid getting warm.

Sometimes, some wine brands give cooling sleeves when you buy wine from them. A cooling sleeve is also similar to an isothermal bag. An isothermal bag also does the same thing as the cooling sleeves- it helps you keep your wine cool.

4. Automated Wine Cooler

Automated wine chillers are more of advanced ice buckets. They are similar to small fridges with the shape of a bucket but can only take one or two bottles of wine. Most people do not like this idea because it is quite expensive, but it is very nice to own one. It has the advantage of being controllable and easy to maintain the temperature of your choice.

5. Cooling spouts and Isothermal bag

Over the years, there have been a lot of new inventions, one of which is the cooling spouts. The cooling system is one of the systems that help cool your wine immediately as you pour it into your wine glass.

Although the temperature isn’t like that of the automatic wine cooler of the fridge, it will be cool enough to suit your taste and will also make your wine quite enjoyable.


The taste of wine is said to improve with age, why don’t you try any of the above-listed wine preservation practices this summer.